CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – 6th Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference
Deadline for abstracts submission: June 1, 2013
Submit abstracts to
The 6th Mid-Atlantic Stream Restoration Conference will provide an opportunity for individuals involved with streams to share ideas and lessons learned in stream restoration planning, assessment, design, construction, and evaluation and other topical stream issues. The conference includes presentations, discussions, exhibits, pre-conference workshops, and tours of local ecosystem restoration projects. Scientists and practitioners are encouraged to share experiences, network with colleagues, and become involved in shaping the future of stream restoration in the Mid-Atlantic. You can begin by submitting your abstract and/or poster and registering for the conference. Please submit abstract submittal checklist below.
ABSTRACT SUBMISSION: Abstracts are being sought for oral presentations and posters focused in three main topic areas of stream restoration: Engineering, Science, and Technology. To be considered for placement in the program, please go to the link given below to connect to the abstract submittal form. ABSTRACTS MUST BE RECEIVED VIA EMAIL ON OR BEFORE June 1, 2013. If your abstract is accepted, it will be published in the Conference Proceedings. The list of topics provided below represents topics likely to be used to organize sessions in the final conference program. If the subject you wish to address is not listed, please submit your abstract and/or poster proposal using the “Miscellaneous” category. Provided your presentation meets the selection criteria, we will do our best to include you in the program. Presenters will be notified by August 1, 2013 if they will be included in the program.
Conference Topics of Interest
• Stream Impacts from Land Use activities and resource extraction
• Headwater Streams
• Innovative restoration design tools, methods and adaptations
• Watershed scale planning and restoration
• Stormwater management
• Communities and streams
• Functional Stream Assessment Methodologies
• Aquatic Species Habitat Restoration
• Monitoring
• Stream Restoration and TMDLs – Policies, Research, and Methods
• Post Disaster Restoration
• Stream Restoration Permitting Process – Advances and Challenges
• Stream Policies
• Stream Restoration Drivers, e.g. MS4 permits, TMDLs, Mitigation and Species Specific
Please include on the abstract
• Primary Presenter/Contact (one person only)
• Organization, address, telephone number & email address of primary contact
• Title of presentation
• Category from Call for Abstracts
• Author(s) (as it would appear in a publication)
• Abstract Text (350 words max)

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