EcoStream – Stream Ecology and Restoration Conference

November 17-20, 2014 

Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Charlotte, NC

The NC State University Stream Restoration Program’s biennial   southeast stream restoration conference has a new brand: EcoStream   – Stream Ecology and Restoration Conference. As the science of stream   restoration evolves, we have come to realize the importance of preserving,   enhancing, and restoring the entire riparian ecosystem. Through EcoStream, we   hope to facilitate advancements in restoration that better achieve functional   inter-connectedness of wetlands, streams, hydrology, riparian corridors and   the biologic communities they support.

For 2014, we intend for EcoStream attendees to expand their knowledge base   and motivate each other to plan and implement ecosystem restoration projects   given future challenges. To that end, we have chosen a timely theme for this   year’s conference: adapting to a changing climate. As the global climate   shifts, scientists predict that patterns of temperature and precipitation   will change, which can result in increased flood intensity, varied hydrologic   regimes, changes in benthic and fish habitat, and shifts in riparian   community structure. Stream and riparian restoration decisions are often made   without considering how these restored ecosystems may function under future   conditions. Concurrently, we are experiencing significant economic, social   and political changes that are also relevant to ecosystem protection and   restoration. As restoration scientists and practitioners, we need to consider   these changes by anticipating and adapting our management and design   practices.

We invite the academic and professional community to join us in a discussion   of these issues. Through presentations, panel conversations, exhibits and   networking among peers and colleagues, we can help to shape the future of   stream restoration in the Southeast in a time of a changing climate.

The Call for Abstracts will be announced very soon! Abstract topics are   currently being developed by the conference committee and will be posted at   the conference website shortly. The conference website, when ready, will be   at:

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