Dear Members or Friends of Maryland Stream Restoration Association (MSRA),
You and your firms have been engaged in stream restoration and installation of other watershed best management practices.  As you know, questions about the performance and function of some of these practices persist within the regulatory, academic, policy development, and restoration practitioner communities.  Currently the MSRA is engaged with a statewide workgroup in the development of a stream restoration monitoring approach that will facilitate the collection of data and subsequent analysis that will help to help answer the most pressing questions about the performance of stream restoration.  Here are some of the questions that our monitoring committee thought were useful 2014 08 20 survey of MSRA to generate and rank monitoring questions.  Through this survey, the MSRA is attempting to collect information regarding the questions that you as the restoration practitioner community are facing.  The overall goal is to bring the highest ranking questions facing the industry back to the statewide workgroup so that we can positively influence where the initial research needs are focused. 
Thank you for your time!


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