On August 20, 2015, the Maryland Stream Restoration (MSRA) held the 2015 MSRA Academic Forum at the USGS Water Science Center on the Campus of UMBC.  The intent of the forum was to engage Educators, Researchers, Resource Agency Managers and Practitioners in an open dialogue to discuss current academic training pathways for students and how they align with future employer expectations, explore Course Curricula related to Stream Restoration and supporting sciences and/or technologies, and to discuss potential careers in the Stream Restoration Field and what are the most desirable skill sets needed for current and future employees.  In addition, the MSRA hoped to improve communication and explore potential opportunities for increased cooperation between the various professions. 

The day consisted of presentations from the Academic, Regulatory and Practitioner communities in the morning, followed by breakout sessions and open discussions in the afternoon.  Over 35 people were in attendance covering the Academic, Regulatory and Practitioner Stream Restoration communities and the MSRA hopes to continue the open dialogue of the Academic Forum moving forward.

Meeting minutes can be found here 2015 08 20 MSRA Academic Forum Minutes

The powerpoint presentation of all the presenters are found in the links below.

Thompson_SR-BOK Presentation

Starr_FWS Ed Needs – MSRA 8-14-15

MSRA – JMT presentation_20150820

Miller_MSRA Academic Forum_8-20-15

Michelsen_UMBC Presentation Lowe_MSRAForum_August_2015

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