Field Trip/Meeting Name: Upper Little Patuxent River Stream Restoration

Date: October 1, 2015

Site Visit Time: 5:30

Site Visit Address: Parking Information: 

Please meet and park along Carrigan Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042 and between addresses 9875 – 9891 (near the cul-de-sac) Carrigan Drive at 5:30.  Please park on the side of the street opposite the houses.

Site/Meeting Summary: The Upper Little Patuxent River Stream Restoration project represented MSHA’s first-ever design-build (DB) stream restoration to specifically address the Chesapeake Bay Total Daily Maximum Load (TMDL).  The project restored approximately 3,200 feet of the main stem and 600 feet of an unnamed tributary.  The project provided a cost effective and stable solution utilizing stream and floodplain restoration to meet NPDES, MS4 and TMDL reductions for total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus and sediment (TSS).  JMT was the lead designer for the Ecotone / JMT DB Team.

Reception Time: Following Field Trip

Reception Place & Address: Stained Glass Pub, Elkridge

PLEASE register through eventbrite so we know how much food to purchase. Thanks!


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